Being a devoted fan of the Lord of the Rings, books and movies, it was a dream come true to see the movie set of Hobbiton. Quietly nestled among green, rolling hills with grazing sheep and cattle in the rural farmland of Waikato, New Zealand, director Peter Jackson found the perfect location to rekindle the serene, peaceful spirit of the Shire. Seeing the Hobbit holes, Green Dragon Inn and the Mill in their beautiful, natural setting, it doesn’t take much to imagine why the place was chosen for the filming of many of the key scenes in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Feeling like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, entering a new, magical world in a different time and space, it’s one of those experiences that fills your heart with childish joy and excitement. Here’s a photo essay, taking you behind the curtains of one of the greatest stories of all time. Welcome to Middle Earth!

Shivering with anticipation before setting off to the movie set.
Standing on the borders of the Shire, watching this sign already evokes that distinct Tolkien-feeling in you.
Looking across the lake to Hobbiton with the iconic Party Tree in the background, a gathering site for all the Shire, where Hobbits celebrate festivals and important birthdays.
More than 40 Hobbit holes were created for the movie.
Peter Jackson’s attention to detail was close to neurotic. He demanded that the clothes on the line you see in the background were taken down every night and hung back up the following morning.
Another prime example of Peter Jackson’s attention to detail. 
Everyday Hobbit-life. 
No 2 Hobbit holes are the same, every single one of them, unique. Here follows a selection of my personal favorites. Which one is yours?



This specific Hobbit hole instantly felt like home to me.
My travel companions found their respective, favorite Hobbit hole as well. Here’s Khaled the Kalif.12
Eero the Sage.
Nicky the Benevolent. 14
And here’s the whole family.
Who’s hiding behind the door? Wandering around the Shire, you start truly believing that Hobbits actually exist! 

This is the Hobbit hole of none other than Samwise Gamgee.
Last but not least, the iconic, legendary Hobbit hole at Bag End, the dwelling of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.
On our way to the Green Dragon Inn. 
No trip to the Shire is complete without savoring the local fine ale of South Farthing.
Is that Aragorn?! Inside the Green Dragon Inn, contemplating what our next move will be.
The mill and double arched bridge, where some of you might recall Gandalf riding across, entering the Shire.
So, is it worth it going to see Hobbiton? I think the photos speak for themselves…