Have you ever asked yourself: What if there is more to life than the rites of passages that society dictates? Get an education, go to work, save up for your retirement, get married, have some kids. What if you could set yourself free from the burden of expectations? What if your life was meant to be lived off the beaten track? A life offbeat to the beat of your own heart instead of someone else’s. A life full of passion and adventures. A life on the road, travelling the world. I have.

I’m Dennis the Dane, a romantic, a daydreamer and passionate traveler with an insatiable hunger to see the world. In 2012 I decided that there had to be more to life. So I quit my job as a teacher and went traveling around Asia for a year. That’s when I started listening to the beat of my own heart. I quickly realized that I couldn’t go back to my old life, so I saved up some more money and kept going. Now I’ve spend another year on the road, this time around in Australia, and I can’t get enough, I got the travel bug alright.

But it was always there. The travel bug, crawling under my skin infecting me with restlessness, daydreams and wanderlust. Only now I’m living the dream and I have no desire to wake up from it. That’s why I’ve decided to turn traveling into more than just a fling, rather a long term commitment. To me it’s a lifestyle. This blog is for people who’s looking for inspiration to do the same. I’ll share my thoughts, ideas and tips as I roam the world.