Have you ever been wandering up and down the streets of a city in the dead of night, alone, with no specific purpose or destination, getting wonderfully lost and feeling utterly at peace? If you haven’t, you should! There’s something about the dark, something mysterious and enchanting, that lulls you into a dreamy state of mind. With nothing but streetlights guiding you, you seem to float deeper and deeper into the darkness of the night and the corners of your mind until, at last, you become one with it. And that’s when it happens: You’re in a blissful flow where time seizes to exist.

That’s how I felt walking the streets of Dunedin after dark for hours and hours to the sound of silence and fleeting thoughts, realizing the obvious, that when night falls the city changes its temper with empty streets, squares and buildings, vibrating during the daytime, suddenly radiating peace and tranquility. Everything around you looks and feels different. It’s amazing what you’ll discover through new eyes. Who knows? You might just fall in love with the object of your vision all over again.

It can boost your mental wellbeing to do mundane things, like walking through a city, in a different way, than you’re accustomed to.  I’m a strong believer in the importance of adding new twists to your everyday life, as a means to relight the fire in your heart, which I have elaborated on in this previous post: What happens when traveling becomes mundane? Follow me into darkness in the photo essay below, depicting Dunedin by night – one of New Zealand’s most charismatic cities.

The day is slowly starting to fade away, as the bird on this beautiful peace of graffiti.

Stumbling upon this 2nd piece of impressive street art, I made it my mission to find as many as possible.

Sunset at the Railway Station. The last train has left. The crowds are gone.

Lo and behold! There’s one left. But it has joined me in a dreamy, sleepy state of existence. 

And another one goes, another one gives into the darkness. 

The sight and sound of cars and people ebbing out, as the darkness takes over.

As a chocolate enthusiast, this is the one place I wish I had visited during the day.

Even the town square starts to resemble a desert.
DSC02021 ~

If it wasn’t for the Town Hall clock, I would have lost all sense of time, being in flow.

The towers of St. Paul’s Cathedral reaching out for the stars.

I wonder how many people need redemption after a night out in Dunedin Casino?

And I wonder how this shop would look through the eyes of a  child?

I wonder how great the food in this kitsch restaurant would taste?

And I wonder if God is just one of us?

I wonder if banks and capitalism have created a problem in today’s society?

And I wonder how many auction hunters got a good deal here?

I wonder if the hands who created this building were proud of their work?

And I wonder if the penguin got to choose his own tie?

I wonder what inspired the artists to do these amazing works of street art…





And I wonder if the artist behind this piece is as enchanted by the night and stolen kisses as I am.

Last, but not least, I wonder if this post inspired anyone to go wandering through the streets of their own city tonight, embracing the darkness…