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Roys Peak Track

After a dark parade of gloomy, cloudy days, sunbeams, full of hope, reaching out like long, welcoming fingers, finally broke through the dark curtain in the sky, carrying a luring, addictive scent of wanderlust. Being in Wanaka in the south of New Zealand, a small, humble town ornamented with a crystal clear lake and crowned with magnificent mountains, I seized the chance and decided to blend in and merge with my surroundings, doing a one-day hike to Roys Peak, something the locals highly recommend. After all, locals are the best guides you’ll ever find, anywhere in the world.

Walking, to me, is meditation. It’s about time to breathe, to reflect, take it all in, feel carefree, full of life and connecting with yourself as well as everything around you. Here follows a short photo essay of my day out exploring the fairy tale town of Wanaka from above.

The first part of the track and nature begins to unfold in all its beauty.

Pretty much the only even part of the track.

The town of Wanaka to our left becomes smaller and smaller as we get closer to the summit.

Up and up, the winding road goes.

What would New Zealand be without sheep? (:

The town of Wanaka might seem smaller from above, but the lake seems bigger.

Even up here, flowers bloom.

The view of the lake becomes more and more enticing, the higher you climb.

And on the other side, new sides of the Lake appear.

Standing in awe, on the top of giants!

Met a wee hobbit on the last part of the climb to the summit.11

Sunbeams lighting up a peaceful valley.

All-encompassing panorama from the 1,578-metre summit including most of Lake Wanaka, the surrounding peaks and Mount Aspiring.

Stones of mystery.

One last look at the valley before heading down, back to civilization.

And so the long road down commences.

With the lake starting to shrink in size again.

And the town seeming to grow larger.

If only I had known that there was an easier way getting down.

This one-day hike is one of the best I’ve ever done. I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to New Zealand – it’s bloody amazing!


  1. What a great day that was! I love the picture of Scott and Ashley. All of your photos are gorgeous.

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